This is a quick status update about the NoNameCon 2021 Partner campaign. We only have one Premium Partner package left, but there are plenty of Partner packages available. If you are willing to support the fourth edition of the NoNameCon cybersecurity conference, please contact us by email at [email protected]. All partnership information is available on the Partners page. This is the official presentation.

Some frequently asked questions.

1. I have contacted you and there was no response.

If you have emailed us at [email protected] and we ignored your request, we apologize for that. We check spam regularly, but you know, stuff happens. Please resend your email and we will get back to you. Otherwise, the official presentation has more contact info.

2. I have sent you a message on social media and did not get an offer.

Unfortunately, we do not have a separate social media management volunteer at the time. Actually, we have one, but he is at the same time our main project manager, so you can imagine the pressure. Please use only the official contacts from the presentation to contact the fundraising team.

3. I have talked to Tim Karpinsky in a pub/gym/conference and did not automatically become a Partner.

It may seem counterintuitive, but it is true: unfortunately, meeting Tim, Vlad, Ihor, or another NoNameCon Crew member and discussing a partnership with them does not automatically make you a Partner. Please use the official contacts in the presentation to make the first contact, and we will eventually come back to you with the next steps.

4. Will there be any discounts?

This time we have made the packages affordable to virtually every company willing to support NoNameCon. Thus, there will be no discounts this year. However, there will be unexpected perks and other surprises, which we will keep a secret for now.

We apologize for the possible inconsistency in our processes. We are asking you to keep in mind that NoNameCon operates as a de facto non-profit organization, and everyone here is a volunteer. Yes, including Tim – however impossible a picture of him working for free would look.

We would be happy to see your company as our Partner!