The NoNameCon main stage is dedicated to the cybersecurity talks on a variety of professional topics. We group talks based on their relation to Red (offense, day one) and Blue (defense, day two) sides of cybersecurity tradecraft, so you can enjoy them without missing the workshops.


The workshop area runs a series of profound practical deep-dives and hands-on sessions up to three hours each. Workshops are grouped into Blue (defense, day one) and Red (offense, day two) tracks, so you can spend your training sessions without the need to lose a single talk you wish to attend.


NoNameCon has a tradition of running a pub-quiz style intellectual competition and the 2021 edition will not be an exception! Team up with your friends and colleagues and join us in the main hall at the end of the first day of the conference.


Here you can test your hacking skills, upgrade your conference badge with cool extensions, compete with other contenders for awesome rewards, and engage in tons of other cybersecurity activities.


Another NoNameCon feature is the professional debate of well-known cybersecurity practitioners. Thought-provocative, exciting, and hilariously funny action you do not want to miss!


We stream and publish all our talks on YouTube. However, it would be hard to stream a non-stop beer party in the backyard, the fantastic spirit of the professional community, and the magical Kyiv spring. So do not miss out!



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International cybersecurity company

Secure Your Success <our motto>

We help companies become cyber resilient and help them maintain a balance between safety and flexibility

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Berezha Security Group is a cybersecurity consulting firm focused on application security, penetration testing, cybersecurity consulting, and professional training.

BSG helps companies prevent data breaches and ransomware attacks by eliminating security weaknesses in software, systems, and culture.

We came from the future to defeat your tomorrow’s security challenges – today.

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UnderDefense is a phenomenal cybersecurity company founded in Ukraine. Over their five years in the market, the company grew from 4 to 64 members, is monitoring 40,000 endpoints every day, conducted 250 pentests, completed 120 successful projects, and partnered with Microsoft, Amazon, and EBA. Last year, UnderDefense was considered one of the most powerful by Gartner and Clutch.

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HUAWEI is a market leader in telecommunications equipment, one of the five largest R&D investors. The company provides services to more than 1,500 telecom operators and to 3 billion end customers in 170 countries.

Cybersecurity and personal data protection are Huawei’s strategic priorities. Guided by principles of transparency and openness, the company is ready to cooperate with all governments, partners, and customers.

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Hacken is the leading provider of B2C, B2B, and B2G cybersecurity solutions in Eastern Europe serving clients from Europe, Asia, and North America representing such industries as crypto, sharing economy, retail, financials, blockchain, etc. Hacken is one of the biggest auditors of crypto exchanges and startup accelerator for cybersecurity projects.

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Cisco Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells Internet Protocol based networking and other products related to the communications and information technology industry.

It provides security products, such as network security, cloud and email security, identity and access management, advanced threat protection, and unified threat management products; and cloud and system management products.

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Raiffeisen Bank is a reliable financial entity with more than 2.6 million clients. Our goal is to become a digital partner. The digital transformation journey has started. We aim to kill the bureaucracy, improve effectiveness and speed for digital products building new secure microservices platforms, employ the best cryptography algorithms and implement modern engineering practices.

We care and build trust.

Join #RaifTech Team and be a part of interesting challenges.


No Name Podcast
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Ukrainian cybersecurity podcast.

No Name Podcast
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OWASP Kyiv is a branch of the Open Web Application Security Project, an international organization dedicated to improving software security.


No Name Podcast
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Established in 2009, Advantio offers a comprehensive portfolio of professional, managed, advisory, and security testing services. Our subject matter expertise and services focus on cybersecurity, data protection, risk, and compliance with a distinct specialization in the ‘Payment Card Industry.’

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Stuzo helps Everyday Spend Retailers Know and Activate™ more customers and data in real-time, leading to more visits, more gallons, and bigger baskets. Stuzo’s Open Commerce® product suite consists of: Activate for Intelligent 1:1 Loyalty, Transact for Contactless Commerce, and Experience for Modern Digital Storefronts.

No Name Podcast
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OWASP Zhytomyr is a branch of the Open Web Application Security Project, an international organization dedicated to improving software security.



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