NoNameCon is a platform for the development of cybersecurity in the professional, public, and commercial fields. A crucial component of NoNameCon is our partnership with Ukrainian and international cybersecurity-savvy organizations. We are happy to allow companies to demonstrate their professionalism and attention to cybersecurity matters. And we are grateful to organizations that support our mission and contribute in NoNameCon – by becoming our Partners and supporting us in other ways. Our partnership offers always have optimal cost/value ratio, and this year they were sold out insanely fast.

The news is both good and bad, as more companies are requesting Premium partnership details. Unfortunately, we can provide only this many Premium options, as we are willing for every Premium Partner to be in the center of our audience’s attention during the NoNameCon. However, Partner options remain available for companies willing to support our conference! There is only this much space we can give to Premium Partners on the video, but all other options are still to be taken.

By holding a conference during the pandemic resistance times, we provide our Partners with the opportunity to conduct a digital marketing campaign targeting the NoNameCon audience. All Partners will have access to the attention of our social media subscribers, website visitors, and everyone interested in the conference. All Premium Partners will be featured in NoNameCon talks – both live and on record for as long as YouTube exists. We thank all our partners for their support!

NoNameCon 2020 Partners