Dear friends!

The NoNameCon Crew expresses our gratitude for your support of the NoNameCon 2021 cybersecurity conference. With your help, this year, we could organize the most significant Ukrainian professional cybersecurity event.

We are glad to announce that all the conference activities are completed! The conference was held as scheduled, the merch has reached its recipients, and sas we are going through final formalities, now we can finally sleep well 🙂

The NoNameCrew says Thank You to all our speakers, partners, supporters, volunteers, and attendees! For your support, your engagement, your attention, and all that you mean to us.

We hope that next year we will be able to have an offline conference and enjoy our traditional format. Keep calm and stay tuned!

And finally, one more piece of cool news. Andy Greenberg, the author of SANDWORM and our keynote speaker for NoNameCon 2020 last year, has given us permission to share his keynote recording! Check it out on our YouTube channel and share the video to everyone you know in the Ukrainian cybersecurity industry. Until next time!