Hello everyone! As most NoNameCon badges have finally reached their lawful owners, we are delighted to announce the start of the legendary and exciting NoNameBadge CTF!

NoNameBadge CTF is brought to you by the creators of our fantastic badge: TechMaker. TechMaker is a programming community that focuses on hardware & application security, eager to share their knowledge and experience. Check out their fabulous training courses at https://techmaker.ua!

The official NoNameCon Capture the Flag competition starts on Saturday, 7th of November, 2020, at 8:00 UTC (10:00 Kyiv time). So, get ready, have a dry Friday evening, hit the dust off your logic analyzer, and update your debugger & disassembly toolkit to the latest versions!

Important: To access NoNameBadge, you will need a USB Type-C cable. Otherwise, you will not be able to upload the badge firmware and solve the CTF tasks. The firmware URL will be provided to you at the beginning of the CTF. The official CTF communications are held here: https://t.me/joinchat/CQN5A1LqqLpiOxQRnTrW9Q and the firmware will be additionally available here: https://ctf.techmaker.ua/.

The tools you will necessarily need are:

  • esptool (pip install –upgrade esptool)
  • miniterm (may be installed along with esptool, or just apt-get install python-serial)

To begin, flash your NoNameBadge with new firmware with the commands:

esptool.py -b 2000000 –before default_reset –after hard_reset –chip esp32 write_flash –flash_mode dio –flash_freq 80m –flash_size 4MB 0x20000 nonamebadge-2020.bin

miniterm.py –eol CR –raw /dev/ttyUSB0 921600

The official CTF duration is one (0x1) week. The tasks will remain available some time longer for educational purposes. The scoreboard is accessible here: https://ctf.techmaker.ua/. We will decide the winner in one of two ways:

  1. The person who solves all tasks first wins the CTF.
  2. If no one solves all the tasks within a week, the person who solves most tasks first wins the CTF.

Fasten your seat belts tight and have a great flight to the magic world of bits and electrons. Good luck and let the best of us win!

Photo by Alex Starov

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