Philippe Delteil is a Computer Science Engineer from the University of Chile, he gave his first talk at Defcon 26 Skytalks, called “Macabre stories of a hacker in the public health sector”, his country’s government sent 3 officials to record the talk, they did. He’s been reporting bugs for a year. He’s an annoying GitHub issue opener of some open source tools like axiom, nuclei, dalfox and bbrf; also makes small contributions to ‘Can I take Over XYZ?’

Bug bounty hunting is (probably) the most hype topic in the hacking subworld, some people read amazing stories of how an 18 years old won 1 million dollars only doing legal hacking. Many hit a wall when they realize that after two months they only won points, thanks or cheap swag. Where’s the money?, they ask. What should I learn and how?  How many books should I read? How many minutes of YouTube tutorials? What if I lose some weight? [always recommended] How can I be the next bug bounty millionaire? 

In this workshop I will show you a path to be a bug bounty hunter, from my experience starting by chance and from scratch. I will teach you how to use the tools I use every day to find bugs, but most importantly how to see bug bounty hunting as a complex business process.
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