Dear cybersecurity industry and professional community!

We are happy to announce the official start of fundraising for this year’s edition of NoNameCon. You can access the terms for partnership by this link: how to become a partner. This year we are continuing our experimentations and are trying out the new approach to partnership relations. As you can see in the offering, there are three pre-defined partnership packages, that we have created based on our joint experience. Also, there are extra options you can select from. In addition to this, there are a couple of exclusive opportunities that we keep secret unless you ask. And finally, there are a few completely surprising compliments that are going to be provided to certain partners and we are not going to reveal them until the beginning of the conference.

Traditionally, our existing partners from previous editions are eligible for a discount. Please contact our fundraising team at [email protected] to know more, agree on formalities, and schedule all the paperwork.

Our new partners, who will be able to arrange the payment within February 2020, are also eligible for a discount. Again, contact [email protected] to know more.

For those of you who have never heard of NoNameCon, a few key facts.

NoNameCon is the flagship professional cybersecurity conference in Ukraine with more than 500 attendees expected this year

  • The conference is created by a team of passionate cybersecurity enthusiasts and more than 50 volunteer superheroes
  • We start on the third Thursday of May on Vyshyvanka Day and run the conference for two days
  • The conference runs in tree simultaneous flows: the talks on the Main Stage, the Workshops in the classes, and the Hacking Villages all around the place
  • The Red and Blue topics of the conference content are split between days so you do not have to choose between the talks and workshops
  • Before the conference, we have a completely different kind of event: a cybersecurity boot camp for kids and teens dubbed CyberKidz
  • We have an awesome hardware hackable badge engineered by the world’s top experts from TechMaker
  • We play a Hacking Quiz on the first day of the conference
  • We have a legendary party and a sea of beer you can navigate for two days straight

The companies that help us create NoNameCon do not simply become our partners. They become the ones who build a safe future for Ukraine and the World.

We are expecting our future work together with excitement and optimism.

NoNameCon Crew

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