We are opening the registration to the virtual event to our most loyal audience. All holders of the NoNameCon 2021 pass will enjoy the following privileges:

– First of all, you get our gratitude for your support of NoNameCon during these trying times. Thank you!

– Next, all the passes go with one free T-shirt shipped within Ukraine. Mark your size, and do not forget to enter your shipment details.

– Of course, you will get the link to the main Zoom session one day before the conference. Check your spam folder for that.

– On the Zoom session, you will be able to participate in the Q&A by chat and voice and have backstage access during the pre-recorded talks. Some of the last year’s attendees found this one the most valuable.

– Finally, the stickers! These are not for sale, and only the pass owners will get some.

In addition to all of the above, you might have noticed an online store on our website. Thanks to our merchandise overlords, the excellent content management team, and our software hero, it is going live right after the NoNameCon 2021. All pass owners get early access to all the merch, which numbers are limited. So do not miss out!

And to answer all the incoming questions before you ask them: yes, as before, you can still watch NoNameCon 2021 online on YouTube without the Zoom pass. Your access will be limited to read-only, although we might monitor the chat. If you do not plan to participate in the conference, do not want to support the best Ukrainian cybersecurity conference, and have no interest in our cool merch, maybe it is your way.

Otherwise, get your pass here: https://nonamecon.org/shop/

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