Hi everyone, this is NoName Cr3w.

We do not understand the epidemiology, but we do understand risk management. Therefore, in light of the inevitable COVID-19 pandemic, considering the risks of the spread of the virus in Ukraine and taking into account the dynamics of the epidemic in other countries, we announce that NoNameCon 2020 will take place in the autumn.

Yesterday, this decision seemed very difficult: we spent about two hours analyzing the situation, exchanging views, and evaluating the available input. We planned to put it to the vote in the organizing team today at 2 pm. But in the morning, given the latest news and the revitalization of the Ukrainian government and the municipality of Kyiv, the decision to postpone the conference became clear and unanimous.

We are not paranoid (well, maybe a little bit), but protecting the health of attendees and speakers is more critical than safeguarding calendar dates. But despite these significant changes, we assure you that:

  • All purchased tickets will allow you to visit NoNameCon 2020.
  • Everyone who has purchased tickets with the #NoNameBadge Supporter Kit will receive it at the conference.
  • Everyone who purchased the merch will receive it at the conference.

NoNameCon is a platform for content distribution and the epicenter of free non-stop networking. We have no right to become the epicenter of the epidemic and pose a threat to, without exaggeration, the entire cybersecurity sector of Ukraine. We will consider this our joint contribution to reducing global risks.

NoName Cr3w is actively preparing for the conference. Tickets are on sale. We will announce the dates of NoNameCon 2020 shortly. Follow the news, sneeze in the elbow, wash your hands properly, and avoid people with apparent symptoms. We will go through this together and meet on the other side.

Take care.

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