First Ukrainian hardware hackable conference badge


The main batch of conference badges will contain a ESP32 board, 10x WS2812 LEDs and a few touch-sensitive buttons. This is enough for entertainment, dealing with badge tasks, and the memory for the conference.

The Badge tasks are something like a Capture the Flag. We want everyone to complete at least 1-2 out of 6 tasks (at the time of publication). To work with the tasks it is enough to have a laptop, a microUSB cable, and putty/screen installed.

During the conference, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase additional modules and manually roll them into their badge. Among the modules:
  • a CAN transciever for automotive networks
  • a MPU9050 to calculate the position in space and... weather forecast
The ESP32 architecture allows you to output the desired interfaces (UART, I2C, SPI, CAN etc.) to any external components. This opens up the ability to connect any compatible peripherals/sensors to the badge.

That is our goal. The Badge is created to give conference participants a complete platform for discovering the world of IoT and Embedded. During the 2019, a series of webinars and workshops will be held using the badges under the brands of TechMaker and NoNameCon. The badge should not collect dust on the shelf. Its role is not limited to giving you access to the conference. You get a ticket to the world of development of devices and protecting them against modern threats.



TechMaker is a programming community that focuses on hardware & application security. We are eager to learn, organize and share knowledge on how everyday devices work and interact with the outer world. Modern devices often interact with the user via wireless interfaces and cloud. We need professionals that know how to create and protect all the parts: web/mobile, back-end, firmware/hardware.